Sheffield Egypt

Sheffield Egypt was established in 1987.
Sheffield, England has an international reputation for the finest flatware and cutlery products.
If you are looking for top quality cutlery/flatware and you wish to be assured of the best quality cutlery that can be found anywhere in the world, then the words "Sheffield Made in England" are your assurance of that standard.
Note that not all items for sale on our web site are made in Sheffield though. If 100% made in Sheffield is vital, please ask before ordering.


33 Ahmed Orabi Street
Mobile: 01066629800
Tel: 0233023304 & 0233021115

El Mohandessin (Branch 2)

58 Shehab Street
Mobile: 01025194771
Tel: 0233047111 33047111

Mall of Arabia

6 October: Mall of Arabia - Gate 23 - Shop G25
Mobile: 01066629668
Tel: 0238260220

Mall of Egypt

6 October: Mall of Egypt – Gate D2 – Shop G143
Mobile: 01003906060
Tel: 0236121109

New Maadi

3/1 El Laselki Street - Crossing Palestine Square
Mobile: 01024166520
Tel: 0225170101


City Center Mall - Gate 5 – Shop A6
Mobile: 01092006527
Tel: 033680119

El Mansoura

3A El Mashaya El Sofleya St., In Front of El Seddik Mosque
Mobile: 01095200724
Tel: 0502201390 & 0502201380

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